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How does 3D Printed Sand make an F1 Engine?

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Ever wondered how you make a F1 Engine Block? Or how the Sand Casting process works? Or even what 3D Sand printing looks like?

Well we've found this neat video from Donut which does a fine job of explaining it. We have three of these large 3D Sand Printers at our UK facility and we make all sorts of intricate cores for some very high performance applications. Including some very high spec engine blocks like this one.

This video covers some of the basics of how the sand casting process works anyway, with or without 3D printed cores.

If you feel in need of a refresher, or you know someone on your team that could benefit from a quick intro, then send them a link to this page. Even if you work in HR or Accounts, if your business uses sand castings, then this is a great introduction to the subject.


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