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Grainger & Worrall Machining has once again shown its commitment to meeting and exceeding the stringent standards of the global automotive sector, with a substantial six-figure investment in state-of-the-art component washing technology.

The MecWash Maxi aqueous washing system, supplied by Gloucestershire-based MecWash Systems, is enabling the company to develop processes to deliver the highest possible levels of component cleanliness for its global OEM customer base, in line with what is found in many dedicated production facilities worldwide.

Mark Davies, Plant Director at Grainger & Worrall Machining, explained: “Many of our customers require a ‘make like production’ machining solution, whereby prototype parts must be as close to the eventual mass production parts as possible, to make testing more representative and reduce time to market.

“Depending on the application, the presence of even microscopic contaminants in complex machined components cannot be allowed, due to the potential effect on testing and validation. For these customers, we therefore have to offer the same levels of cleanliness on prototype parts as is delivered in mainstream production facilities with dedicated lines and washing facilities for each component type.

“Cleaning components to the most exacting standards will also enable us to measure them more accurately against ever more stringent manufacturing tolerances.”

He continued: “The MecWash system harnesses all the advantages of traditional agitation, jet wash and spray wash technologies to deliver unrivalled and repeatable cleanliness on even the most complex of components. It’s a further example of our commitment to meeting the needs of OEM customers seeking to drive down lead times through greater accuracy at the earliest stages of component development.”

Grainger & Worrall is an established partner to major automotive OEMs including JLR and Aston Martin.