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Speed, accuracy and flexibility : how sand casting supports prototyping

How does sand casting support rapid prototyping projects? And just how fast is the process?

Our 2022 April Fool: GW enters the race with new 3000 bhp  supercar

Global leader in complex sand castings Grainger and Worrall have announced that they’ve entered the...

Commonwealth Games Sparks Heavy Metal Collaboration

Demonstrating the best of Britain to the world, the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games has sparked...

Back on the road again!

After two years of Teams and Zoom meetings, it feels good to finally getting out and about again!


How do we turn raw materials such aluminium and sand into complex precision castings?

Giga Casting:  What are the Pros and Cons for the Automotive Industry?

Until recently, the largest single-cast parts in automotive production have been parts such as...

GW’s Engine Project for the 60's Inspired Squalo

Imagine a sixties inspired sports car with modern 21st century engineering – that’s the Squalo.

How are G&W Adapting to Changes in Customer Requirements?

How are Grainger & Worrall adapting to the changes in customer requirements, especially in the...

Material Innovations in The Aerospace & Automotive Industry

When it comes to materials, the aerospace and automotive industries have more in common than you...