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What is Joscar?

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JOSCAR allows a certain level of assurance that a customer can approach a supplier knowing, with confidence that they have met a stringent set of wide ranging criteria.

That initial assessment looks at security protocol and processes - both physical at the site location but also in how sensitive data is handled, stored and managed whilst in the suppliers possession.

The full assessment considers a wider range of factors. Financial stability is very important, including how robust the supplier is over a period of time through the natural economic ups and downs. It also considers whether investments are being made and whether these investments wise

Most of all, the question is asked of how this newly accredited JOSCAR supplier is able to solve an issue a customer has. Is it a reliable, cost effective and safe pair of hands? Can it deliver what is needed? When it is needed? Time and again?

One of the benefits of the accreditation for the supplier is having the questionnaire evidence done once, thoroughly and accurately, to then be used by many potential customers. This is a real time saver. Information is to hand, clear and assists with renewal of accreditation or related audits.

Joscar sets a solid foundation between supplier and buyer to quickly get to discussing the options and solutions rather than seeking to establish credibility and trust.

For any company looking to develop their presence in the Defence Supply chain, JOSCAR accreditation is critical. It is a confirmation to the Defence market of the many successful years and long established  practices and processes that it has. For GW this adds to its already strong reputation operating in the demanding automotive and motorsport industry.

Joscar is a buyer-community led initiative run by Hellios. You can read more about it in the Hellios brochure.