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Back on the road again!

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After two years of Teams and Zoom meetings, it feels good to finally getting out and about again!

This month, Grainger and Worrall's Head of Sales and Marketing, Jay Schofield, travelled to Silicon Valley to meet a number of leading electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers.  

Grainger and Worrall have been actively involved in developing sand casting technology to assist the electric vehicle market.  One of the primary casting challenges for the EV market has been around the area of larger part sizes such as battery trays, FUBs, and RUBs.  Grainger and Worrall have approached this problem by developing new products, Mega TileTM and Giga TileTM  to enable more efficient casting of large parts (in terms of sand usage, knock out time).  This new casting system also enables greater flexibility with prototyping parts due to its modular nature. Modifications to the mould pack can be made to a specific sections saving time, cost, and materials contributing to a circular economy.

"This is a key part of the Grainger and Worrall strategy" says Jay Schofield. "As market-leaders in complex casting, we are looking to take it to the next level as we lead the way in developing sustainable technology." 

"It was great to be able to travel to Silicon Valley see the exciting developments happening out there and to talk about Mega TileTM and Giga TileTM with EV manufacturers"

We will be talking in more depth about Mega TileTM and Giga TileTM technology over the next few months.  In the interim if you're interested in finding out more, get in touch with one of our team via the contact form here.