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Increased demand as Make Like Production concept accelerates vehicle development time and reduces costs
• Third CT scanner broadens company capacity and sustains Grainger & Worrall commitment to offering production-ready quality control
• Advanced sand-casting technique provides lightweight, durable castings

Bridgnorth-based automotive casting specialist, Grainger & Worrall has made a significant investment in hardware that increases its throughput capacity by 50%. A third CT scanner helps ensure that castings meet the stringent quality assurance and control demanded by the automotive industry. The company has experienced a substantial increase in demand for its castings, as vehicle manufacturers seek to accelerate development times of highly efficiency new models ahead of tightening emissions regulations globally.

Grainger & Worrall’s commitment to the Make Like Production concept, which was pioneered by the Warwick Manufacturing Group, produces castings for early-stage development parts that behave as a production component would. This enables extensive vehicle testing and validation to be completed, even though production line materials and manufacturing processes may be very different. It provides a vital cost and time advantage to vehicle manufacturers seeking to bring new models, packed with latest technologies and materials, to market quickly and efficiently.

“Casting of prototype components traditionally bared little semblance to final parts, but our Make Like Production mantra brings the prototyping process right up to date and in line with the fast-moving automotive industry’s requirements,” explains James Grainger, Grainger & Worrall director. “Now, prototype component performance characteristics can mimic those of production parts even in intensive test conditions. CT technology provides the fastest and most comprehensive opportunity for evaluation of material integrity and overall quality control. This latest investment into Grainger & Worrall’s leading-edge facilities is testament to our commitment to growing proactively in line with industry demand for our casting expertise and brings our investment in CT technology to a total of £1.2m.”

The latest CT machine is an industrial grade 450kV Yxlon compact CL. As well as increasing the company’s throughput capacity by 50%, it also provides the capability to scan larger components of up to 125kg, which can handle the largest structural components the company makes and reflects the increasing move to lightweight cast vehicle structures as well as drivetrain.

“Our customers rely on Grainger & Worrall components being robust enough to undergo intensive testing and validation, so the assurance of strict quality control is absolutely vital,” continues Grainger. “This latest scanner broadens our scope of work to include components that would have previously fallen outside our end-to-end production parameters. Increasing our capacity through the addition of a third CT scanner ensures that our components adhere to our own strict standards and provides customers with a reliable, proven source of castings even while demand for our speciality continues to intensify. Our commitment to Right First Time means we might well now have the largest industrial CT scanning capability in the UK.”