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An Exciting GW Collaboration With Sculptor Jacob Chandler

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At Grainger and Worrall, we support a wide range of products with our engineering and sand casting expertise, including producing complex high integrity structural castings for a range of industries which include ICE automotive, EV, motorsport and defence, and now- sculpture.

We’re delighted to announce our latest collaboration with local artist, sculptor Jacob Chandler. While we can’t say too much about this piece of work at the moment, it’s an incredible project to be involved in. Grainger and Worrall are helping to design and cast an integral part of the finished sculpture.  There are some interesting engineering challenges to overcome and we're working with Jacob on achieving the art of the possible.

We have worked with Jacob Chandler previously supporting his sculpture The Dancer.  You can take a look at the role Grainger and Worrall played in the video below.



We will be documenting each stage of the process, from design to the final reveal in a high profile, top secret location!  To be kept up to date on this exciting project, make sure you follow Grainger and Worrall on LinkedIn

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