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Graduate and apprenticeship programmes:

As well as delivering real-world experience and expert training, Grainger & Worrall’s graduate and apprenticeship programmes provide candidates with the opportunity to engage in a wide variation of challenging and complex projects for a global client base.

With a number of new individuals added to the team every year, both schemes follow the company’s ethos of providing opportunities for engineers – not only to fulfill existing recruitment needs, but to develop talented individuals for the future.

“Our team plays a key role in the design and supply of powertrain components for the world’s most desirable vehicles. Castings are central to what we do, but as a full-service supplier, our trainees have the unique opportunity to be involved in the early concept work all the way to finished machined parts and assembly,” continues Edward Grainger, the director of Grainger and Worrall. “With all these processes in house, the ability to learn and gain vital hands-on knowledge is second to none.

“It’s demanding work and the stakes could not be higher when, for example, you are working to deliver another world championship motorsport title for an F1 or rally team, but the opportunity is also highly rewarding.”

Experts Programme:

Although a vital part of the business, it’s not just graduates and apprentices that continue to feed the company’s experienced team. Earlier this month, another 16 members of staff completed Grainger & Worrall’s Experts Programme – a year-long internal development course, designed specifically for staff looking to progress their skills further. Gaining seven different qualifications throughout, graduates experience training from some of the world’s leading high-precision casting technology professionals.

Edward Grainger explains: “Being at the forefront of what we do necessitates the continuous development of our staff. We cannot simply recruit to fulfill current needs – we must develop talented people into future leaders. Growing our own talent is an essential part of the business, without which we wouldn’t be able to excel in such a challenging marketplace.”