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GW Celebrates... the Porsche 992 GT3

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In this series of articles,  GW celebrates great engineering products. This month it is the turn of the Porsche 992 GT3. Take a bow.

You will read amazing reviews of this car all over the internet, talking about the 55 year heritage of the 911, or how this 8th generation of the model drives, looks, sounds, smells even. We love reading all that too, but we offer you a different take on things. We know how the beating heart of a car like this is made - from molten metal onwards.

Porsche has made another bold statement to the world. Not only that the flat-six lives on but that you can still have a combustion-engined car if you want to, even if your mates are all part of the seemingly unstoppable trend to go electric. You get 503bhp of history in the making, generated from a high performance engine containing complex aluminium castings.

From an engineering point of view though, this sort of commitment to a different approach deserves credit. The world is big enough for everyone. Combustion and Electric, Petrol and Diesel, I4, V6, V8, V12 and yes, a gutsy flat engine positioned at the back.

We have seen a lot of engine designs over the years, but not so many like this. The real heroes are the unseen experts whose craft brings something this special in to reality. We salute you. You guys can't take someone else's engine in a similar configuration and build on it. You do your own thing. Beautifully.

It is just such a shame that hardly anyone can ever really appreciate the genius that goes in to some of the best designs that we all admire from the outside. However, we do know what goes in to iconic designs like these, and take it from us. It is full of engineering at its best.

So to all the team at Porsche, well done on another amazing car. And in particular well done to the teams of engineers that never get recognised. Your achievements do not go entirely unnoticed.


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