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New York, New York

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This month, Grainger and Worrall's Engineering and Technology Director Keith Denholm, travelled to New York to speak at The World Foundry Summit, an industry leading event for both casting producers and suppliers. 

The event covered key topics of interest to the global castings sector, including strategy and policy in areas such as energy, management and economics. Keith's presentation, Overcoming Disruption: The Application of Future Shape Technology to Casting Innovation discussed Grainger and Worrall's future-based approach to the meta challenges faced across the industry globally.

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GW's Unique business model

GW's innovative approach raises the game across the casting industry, positioning castings as relevant to a new generation of engineers and applications where the focus is on value and sustainability. ''It's vital to educate and inspire the next generation of engineers, so that castings are viewed as a value-added solution and not as an aging technology or traditional commodity''  says Keith Denholm.

To drive this response, GW's business model has shifted accordingly, with focus on LV series, innovation and flexibility. This allows us to meet huge global challenges and disruptions with future-shaped thinking and technology.


Over the next few months, we will be talking about how Grainger and Worrall's unique forward thinking approach is responding to a disrupted world, including the challenges and opportunities linked to this.  In the interim if you're interested in finding out more, get in touch with one of our team via the contact form here.