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Rounding off a year that has seen significant machinery investment and continued major OEM partnerships, Grainger & Worrall has reaffirmed its commitment to motorsport with Director James Grainger becoming Vice Chairman of the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA).

The high precision castings expert has been an MIA member for the past decade, representing the sector on such topics as skills, Brexit, and the industry’s challenge to embrace low carbon initiatives across motorsport and passenger cars. This year, Grainger & Worrall has also played a pivotal role in launching the £4 million Marches Centre of Manufacturing and Technology (MCMT), a Shropshire-centric, industry-led training centre for young engineers. The company will also be sponsoring the Teamwork category at this January’s Motorsport Industry Business Excellence Awards.

James Grainger’s appointment as Vice Chairman of the MIA enables the business to continue to work alongside its peers in motorsport, high-performance engineering and tuning, to ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction.

James commented: “This is both an exciting and important time for the global motorsport industry, with new technologies constantly supporting the development of more efficient and lighter vehicles. As Vice Chairman of the MIA, I can help Grainger & Worrall work more closely with the sector and ensure that our members continue to have an active voice in key industry developments.”

Grainger & Worrall is no stranger to new technologies in the automotive sector. It was the first business in Europe to invest in a specialist 3D sand printer to support the casting of engine components, and pioneered the use of computerised tomography to carry out health checks on its castings, ten years ago. James Grainger added that a willingness to invest in new technologies and implement them into engineering culture is going to go a long way to helping the automotive supply chain to remain competitive amid constant change.

He stated: “Motorsport and the wider automotive sector are facing an exciting time with both legislation and technology developing at a rapid rate. Grainger & Worrall operate at the heart of this, delivering continuous innovation to the market. In my new role as Vice Chairman, I am looking forward to supporting both the MIA and its members in these fast-changing times.”