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Grainger & Worrall, the UK-based, world-leading motorsport castings provider, presented a wide range of casting competences, validation and associated engineering services at Professional MotorSport World Expo 2013, 12 – 14 November, Cologne, Germany.

The award-winning organisation is at the forefront of innovation in motorsport casting, with vast experience in NASCAR, MotoGP and Formula 1. It offers world-class excellence in rapid prototyping, engineering, structural casting and machining, with a focus on defect-free casting, downsizing and structural weight reduction without compromising on strength or integrity. By using the latest manufacturing techniques, such as 3D printing, Grainger & Worrall continues to push engineering boundaries.

On stand 4008 at the exhibition, representatives of the UK-based company were present to discuss their latest pioneering casting solutions aimed at providing the motorsport industry with means to tackle the current problems of downsizing and lightweighting high performance components whilst maintaining structural strength and integrity.

Long-term investment, in prototyping and sand casting capabilities, by Grainger & Worrall offers a precise and economical process for developing complex lightweight prismatic parts, capable of meeting the motorsport industry’s ever more challenging weight reduction requirements. Optimised sand casting techniques allow designers to develop complex structures that can be manufactured in a single process to take the place of several pressed or fabricated parts.

Edward Grainger, director of Grainger & Worrall, said: “Professional MotorSport World Expo is an essential event for us. It is really important to have discussions with other members of the motorsport industry in order to develop new concepts and innovative solutions that benefit the motorsport sector as a whole.”

“Grainger & Worrall is forever pushing the limits of what is possible in lightweighting and downsizing components that are as structurally durable as their bulkier alternatives. The experience we have amassed in over 60 years within the industry has helped us produce manufacturing solutions that continue to deliver weight-saving benefits to the motorsport sector.”