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G&W’s Response to the Jaguar Land Rover Reimagine Strategy

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At G&W, we welcome the statement released by our long-term partner JLR regarding their new strategy, Reimagine. The firm announced on 15 Feb 2021 that the Jaguar brand will be fully electric by 2025 and all JLR nameplates to be available in pure electric form by end of the decade, positioning itself in the market as a desirable luxury brand for electric vehicles.

Reimagine is an exciting development for JLR; emphasising the importance of collaboration, as well as a commitment to sustainability across the industry as a whole. JLR has confirmed that all of the three British plants will remain open, committing to £2.5 billion a year for new technology development. They acknowledge that this is going to be difficult for various parts of the supplier base, and that it is going to have to adapt.

G&W’s business is based on its customers constantly innovating and developing new products. It has seen a rapid shift from development programmes dominated by internal combustion engine components only a few years ago to a wider range of project types today. We have experienced the huge growth of projects relating to vehicle electrification and light-weighting of structures. At the same time, the number of combustion engine projects has focussed on more niche areas such as high-performance cars, motorsport and non-Automotive applications.

We are fortunate in having a unique perspective of product development plans across the market and around the world, many years before new platforms go into production. This has meant that G&W has been able to adapt its existing design expertise and production facilities to new challenges: to create different complex shapes for different applications.

This announcement by JLR adds more momentum to the change that they, and the wider Automotive Industry have been driving over several years. We welcome the clear strategy they have communicated, and we look forward to being part of that journey with them.

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