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The Top 5 EV Infographics

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To tackle climate change, the UK government has pledged to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030. 

The transition towards low emission technology is happening at a rapid speed, with electric vehicle sales already on the rise.

We have selected the best 5 infographics that explore the ways EVs are shaping the auto-manufacturing industry and market:

  1. The Domination of Tesla in American EV Sales 

    Tesla is the leading EV brand and the fastest growing brand globally.

    The EV market is dominated by Tesla, with their Model 3 being the bestselling EV in the US over the past three years.

    Infographic on Tesla EV sales in the US

    Source: Statista 

  2. The anticipated growth in the EV market 

    The growing popularity of EVs has led to a global rise in electric charging point installations and the reduction of diesel engine production.

    The analysis shows that car prices and loss of volume will reduce profitability for combustion engine models within the decade. 

    Infographic on EV growth

    Source: Visual Capitalist

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  3. The primary components of an EV

    The advancement of electric motors is improving the range and performance of EVs. Most electric cars run in the same way by converting direct electricity into alternating current electricity.

    The diagram breaks this process down into 5 key components: 

    Infographic on how an electric vehicle works

    Source: Interesting Engineering 
  4. The demand for copper in EVs 

    The growth of the EV market is causing an increased demand for copper, as it is an excellent conductor of electricity. 

    Due to this, it is an essential component of EVs, which use far more copper than traditional vehicles. 

    Infographic on using copper in electric vehicles

    Source: Copper Alliance

  5. The silencing technology of an EV

    Scientists and engineers are developing ways to reduce vehicle noise, using the latest technology to create a quieter driving experience for EV drivers and passengers.

    Infographic of quieter EVs

    Source: Forbes 


    EVs are leading the way to a more sustainable future, bringing with them a wealth of new technology that will transform the automotive industry. 

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